BBERC20 Wrapper

(Scheduled for Q3 23)

BBERC20 Wrapper contracts are simple wrappers to existing ERC20 tokens that are not stable tokens (e.g. USDT, USDC, DAI). By wrapping the target token and using an oracle like Chainlink data feeds, content creators can accept tokens like WBTC, WMATIC, or BAT in a stable (USD) value.

For example, if 1 WBTC is worth $20,000 in June and the content creator has a $5 tier, the subscriber will be charged 0.00025 WBTC. If the price increases to $40,000 in July, they will be charged 0.000125 WBTC. Conversely if the price falls to $10,000, the subscriber will be charged 0.0005 WBTC.

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